Researches & Publications

1. 承担重大项目

  1. 高性能倍半氧化物激光晶体生长及制造工艺与装备(2016YFB1102200),首批国家重点研发计划之一。(项目起止时间:2016-2020,2600万)
  2. 光学自由曲面制造的基础研究(2011CB706700),国家重点基础研究发展计划(973计划)项目。(项目起止时间:2011-2015,3101万)
  3. 纳米制造的基础研究(90923038),国家自然科学基金委重大研究计划重点支持项目。(项目起止时间:2010-2013,300万)
  4. 光学功能材料自由曲面零件超精密切削技术及应用(2009AA044305),国家863计划课题。(项目起止时间:2008-2010,196万)
  5. 基于自由曲面的工体光学系统纳米精度制造基础研究(2017YFA0701200),国家重点研发计划重点支持项目(Supported by National Key R&D Program of China 2017YFA0701200)。(项目起止时间:2018-2022,暂不清楚)

2. Selected Publications

2.1 Keynote speeches and invited presentations

  1. Fang, F. Z., Freeform optics - fundamentals, manufacturing and applications (invited presentation), Photonics Ireland, Galway, Ireland, September 13-15.
  2. Fang, F. Z., 2017, Nanomanufacturing - perspective and applications (Keynote paper), the 67th General Assembly of the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP), Lugaono, Switzerland, August 20-26
  3. Fang, F. Z., 2017, Nanomanufacturing – perspective and applications (Keynote speech), 39th International MATADOR Conference on Advanced Manufacturing, Manchester, United Kingdom, July 5-7.
  4. Fang, F. Z., 2017, High Precision Manufacturing of Complex surfaces (Keynote speech), Sino-German Forum on Manufacturing, Nanjing, China, May 23-25.
  5. Fang, F. Z., 2017, Machining of medical components and implants (Invited presentation), Machining Technology Workshop, Croom Precision Medical, Ireland, March 10.
  6. Fang, F. Z., 2017, Precision and micro machining of medical components (Invited presentation), Smithtown Light Engineering, Ireland, March 10.
  7. Fang, F. Z., 2017, Manufacturing development trend: atomic scale manufacturing (Invited seminar), Gunma University, Japan, February 22.
  8. Fang, F. Z., 2017, Micro machining and applications (Invited seminar), Dublin City University, Ireland, February 1.
  9. Fang, F. Z., 2016, Medical devise manufacturing (invited presentation), Alcon Laboratoires, Cork, Ireland, December 15.
  10. Fang F. Z., 2016, Atomic and close-to-atomic scale manufacturing (Invited lecture), International Symposium on Future-Oriented Machining 2016 (FORM 2016), Tokyo, Japan, November 21.
  11. 房丰洲, 2016, 复杂曲面的超精密加工 (主题报告), 2016年先进制造技术与装备国际论坛, 成都, 11月4日.
  12. 房丰洲, 2016, 微光学元件加工 (主题报告), 第五届亚太光学制造会议, 上海, 10月30-11月2日.
  13. 房丰洲, 2016, 现代光学制造技术 (特邀报告), 合肥利弗莫尔仪器有限公司, 合肥, 10月21日.
  14. 房丰洲, 2016, 纳米制造的发展及应用 (专题报告) , 东方科技论坛, 上海, 10月19日.
  15. 房丰洲, 2016, 光学制造及其进展 (特邀报告), 上海光机所“清河之光”论坛, 上海, 6月30日.
  16. Fang F. Z., 2016, Manufacturing 3.0 (Keynote presentation), The 9th International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology (DET2016), Nanjing, China, March 29-31.
  17. 房丰洲, 2015, 智能制造的关键技术及企业面临的战略选择 (主题报告), 工业4.0与中国制造2025高峰论坛, 天津, 11月27日.
  18. Fang F. Z., 2015, Nanomanufacturing: challenges and opportunities (Keynote Speech), The 13th International Conference on Automation Technology, Taiwan, November 13-15.
  19. 房丰洲, 2015, 低温与超声辅助碳钢切削加工及相关进展 (特邀报告), 泰山学术论坛–高效节材节能制造, 淄博, 山东, 9月18-20日.
  20. Fang F. Z., 2015, Manufacturing 3.0-addressing the manufacturing development trend (Invited lecture), Brunel University London, September 7.
  21. Fang F. Z., 2015, Nanomanufacturing-Challenges and Opportunities (Invited lecture), The 2nd ISNM Summer School-Precision Metrology and Instrumentation for Micro/Nano-manufacturing, Hongkong, July 13-18.
  22. 房丰洲, 2015, 脆性材料及碳钢的超精密加工 (主题报告), 第十三届切削与先进制造学术会议, 太原, 5月22-24日.
  23. Fang F. Z., 2015, Machining and measurement of aspheric and freeform optical elements (Invited lecture), Applied Optics and Photonics China (AOPC2015), Beijing, China, May 5-7.
  24. Fang F. Z., 2015, Micro machining technologies (Invited lecture), University of Brescia, Italy, April 3.
  25. Fang F. Z., 2015, Manufacturing and measurement of freeform optics (Keynote speech), International Conference on Optical and Photonic Engineering (icOPEN2015), Singapore, April 14-16.
  26. Fang F. Z., 2015, Nanomanufacturing: perspectives and applications (Keynote speech), 4M/ICOMM 2015 Conference, Milan, Italy, March 31- April 2.
  27. Fang F. Z., 2015, Advances in Nano Mechanical Machining (Keynote speech), The 38th International MATADOR Conference, Huwei, Taiwan, March 27-April 1.
  28. Fang F. Z., 2015, Nanometric cutting mechanism (Keynote speech), The 8th Manufacturing Institute for Research on Advanced Initiatives (MIRAI-2015), Kaohsiung, Taiwan , March 25-26.

2.2 Journal papers

  1. 徐恺, 贾志刚, 房丰洲, 人眼实际观察状态下的自由曲面眼镜片的 透射波前像差测量, 光学学报,2018; 38(02):0212001.
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2.3 Conference papers

  1. Liu X. L., Zhang X.D., Fang F. Z. Machining errors analysis based on the optical performance evaluation in ultra-precision turning. 5th International Conference on Nanomanufacturing (nanoMan2016). 2016.
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2.4 Patents

2017 Patents

  1. 贾志刚, 房丰洲, 徐恺, 一种基于波前分析的眼镜片检测方法和装置, 2017.6.26, 中国, 2017104956925.
  2. 张楠, 张皓洋, 房丰洲, 一种聚合物复杂形面光学器件精密注塑成型方法, 2017.5.26, 中国, 2017103846877.
  3. 张效栋, 王金石, 房丰洲, 一种晶体材料超精密车削加工损伤控制方法, 2017.5.19, 中国, 2017103586329.
  4. 房丰洲, 王金石, 张效栋, 基于离子辐照电子能损机制的晶体材料超精密加工方法2017.5.9, 2017103219531.

2016 Patents

  1. 房丰洲, 张楠, 张效栋, 吕鹏,激光晶体等离子体辅助刻蚀加工(PaE), 2016.10.27, 中国, 2016109596584.
  2. 张效栋, 房丰洲, 一种虚拟现实目镜设计及制造方法, 中国, 2016108874972.
  3. 张效栋;房丰洲;武光创,用于形貌测量的光路系统,2016.11.25,中国,201611061350.4
  4. 张效栋;房丰洲;曾臻;高慧敏;武光创,一种白光干涉及激光扫描结合的形貌测量装置,2016.11.25

2015 Patents

  1. 张效栋,卢永斌,房丰洲,刘现磊,一种仿生复眼成像系统的光阑阵列加工方法, 2015.04.30,中国,2015102197305.
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