112th MNMT Formu

The 112th Micro-Nano Manufacturing Forum is held on 17th August.

Report Title: Recent activities of the PTB Precision Engineering Division

Prof. Harald Bosse, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt

Report Abstract

This talk will present an overview of recent developments of the Precision Engineering Division of the PTB, the national metrology institute (NMI) of Germany. After a short introduction to the PTB, latest research results will be discussed on the following topics: precision manufacturing and metrology on silicon spheres related to the planned revision of the SI, the International System of Units, precision length and straightness metrology on line graduations at the nanometer uncertainty level and an approach for traceable width measurement of single crystal line structures at the nanoscale based on counting the number of lattice planes. The talk will also cover new developments in 3D coordinate metrology at PTB, including the development of virtual instruments for determination of task-specific measurement uncertainties. Some of the research results were outputs from joint research projects, funded within the European Research Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) organized by EURAMET, the association of European NMI’s. Examples of recent research projects in dimensional metrology will be given.

Speaker Introduction

He is now the head of the “Precision Engineering” division with five departments: Surface Metrology, Dimensional Nanometrology, Coordinate Metrology, Interferoetry on Material Measures and Scientific Instrumentation since 2009 and president of euspen since 2017. Prof. Harald Bosse is author or co-author of more than 150 peer-reviewed papers. His research interests are focussed on Precision Engineering, Dimensional Metrology and Nanometrology.

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