113th MNMT Formu

The 113th Micro-Nano Manufacturing Forum is held on 25th September.

Report Title: System approach for hybrid additive manufacturing

Prof. Alain. Bernard, Ecole Centrale de Nantes – LS2N UMR CNRS 6004 Time: 3:30 p.m.

Report Abstract

Additive manufacturing integration is becoming complex because of the numerous factors influencing the expected performances related to the product. So, depending on the material and the technologies, and with respect to the class of parts, the manufacturing process and technologies need to be modelled and simulated prior to any choice of manufacturing strategy. The lecture will introduce different technologies and their integration in a complete systemic process, based on an information framework. Different solutions for CAPP (Computer Aided Process Planning) and several actual evolutions of value chains will be presented and discussed.

Speaker Introduction

Prof. A. Bernard, 59, graduated in 82, PhD in 89, was associate-Professor, from 90 to 96 in Centrale Paris. From Sept. 96 to Oct. 01, he was Professor in CRAN, Nancy I, in the “Integrated Design and Manufacturing” team. Since 0ct. 01, he has been Professor at Centrale Nantes and Dean for Research from 07 to 12. He is researcher in LS2N laboratory (UMR CNRS 6004) leading the “Systems Engineering –Products-Processes-Performances” team. His research topics are KM, PLM, information system modeling, interoperability, enterprise modeling, systems performance assessment, virtual engineering, additive manufacturing. He supervised more than 30 PhD students. He published more than 150 papers in refereed international journals and books. He is vice-President of AFPR (French Association on Rapid prototyping and Additive Manufacturing), vice-chairman of WG5.1 of IFIP (Global Product Development for the whole product lifecycle) and member of CIRP Council. He is the Chairman of a Collaborative Working Group on Additive Manufacturing that involves the ten Scientific and technical Committees of CIRP. He co-coordinated and co-authored two books in French in the field of Additive manufacturing: Le prototypage rapide (Hermès, 1998); Fabrication additive (Dunod, 2015).

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