114th MNMT Formu

The 114th MNMT Formu held in Building No.8 , Tianjin University.

Topic: Optically Trapped Microprobe for Nano-Profile Measurement

Prof. Yasuhiro Takaya, Osaka University

Report Abstract

Rapid progress in microfabrication technology with great precision has been made owing to the miniaturization of complex product. However, no concomitant development has taken place in the evaluation technology for micro-components, particularly in three-dimensional metrology, which is still in development. The key—and hence the bottleneck—in realizing a micro-coordinate measuring system is the micro-probe system. This is because for features smaller than several dozen micrometers, the probing uncertainty is considerably exacerbated by scaling effects. Therefore, the basic concept of the laser trapping micro-probe was proposed, whose principle is based on the single-beam gradient-force optical trap of a micro-probe sphere in air. This technique is applicable to scanning surface measurement based on a standing wave scale (SWS). In order to improve the resolution of SWS with nanometer order, position measurement of an optically trapped microsphere with high accuracy and high resolution is needed for the interpolated SWS (iSWS). The length and the resolution of the iSWS could be achieved 2.1 \mum and 20 nm, respectively. The improved nano-profile measurement technique based on the iSWS which could be read using a chromatic confocal system is presented. The measurement result proved that the performance of the improved nano-profile measurement technique based on the iSWS meets the desired specifications.

Speaker Introduction

Prof. Yasuhiro Takaya’s ambition is to establish novel principles of fundamental measurement and machining in nano/micro manufacturing engineering and science based on three “N”, namely, Nanophotonics, Nonequilibrium mechanics and Nanomaterials. Research scope mainly covers Nano-Metrology, Nano-Machining and Nano-Assembly. Prof. Yasuhiro Takaya won many honours, such as JSPE Award, György Striker Award, JSPE Numata Memorial Paper Award, Outstanding Paper Award, President Excellent Award, ISOT’12 Best Paper Award, Koh Young Best Paper Award, ISOT’15 Innovation Award, International Journal of Automation Technology The 2nd Best Review Award and International Journal of Automation Technology Best Paper Award. Prof. Yasuhiro Takaya is also the membership of many AcMademic Societies, such as Japan Society of Precision Engineering, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Japan Society for Abrasive Technology, The Japan Society for Die and Mould Technology International Measurement Confederation, International Measurement Confederation and The International Academy for Production Engineering.

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