116th MNMT Formu

The 116th MNMT Formu held in Building No.8 , Tianjin University.

Topic: Recent Advance in Automated Optical Inspection at NTU

Prof. Liang-Chia Chen, National Taiwan University

Report Abstract

The application of automated optical inspection to manufacturing processes with tight geometric tolerances and specifications is critical to assure success in today’s globally competitive manufacturing industries. In the past decades, much effort had been devoted to developing novel solutions for on-line optical inspection of surfaces and the dynamic characteristics of objects. The major challenging issues in macro-level detection are the lack of optimal measuring strategies for integrating large depth ranges with very high resolution, as well as the need for innovative optical design of detectors for various measurement scenarios, such as spectacular, transparent or low-reflection light conditions. A large scanning platform for wafer inspection is under development at NTU to achieve high accuracy automated optical metrology and inspection. Meanwhile, conventional approaches to micro-scale 3D profilometry have adopted novel concepts in chromatic confocal microscopy, coherence scanning interferometry, or spectrally resolved white light interferometry for measuring 3D surface characteristics with high speed and high precision. The one-shot measurement characteristic of these methods is effective in minimizing measured uncertainty caused by environmental vibration. Nevertheless, extremely high-speed microscopic 3D profilometric methodologies for 100 % full-field inspection are yet to be developed.

Speaker Introduction

Prof. Liang-Chia Chen is currently working as a distinguished professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Taiwan University, Taiwan. In publication, he has published one textbook, three book chapters, more than 100 referred journal papers and 60 invention patents internationally. For academic services, he served as the president of the international committee of measurement and instrumentation (ICMI) between 2015-2017 and currently serves as a steering committee member in ICMI and IMEKO. Meanwhile, he is also participating as a member in SPIE, SME, the Institution of Engineers of Australia (IEA).

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