117th MNMT Formu

The 117th MNMT Formu held in Room B, Floor 3, Building 25A.

Report Title: “Uncertainty of roughness measurements with challenges and opportunities of noise information” and “Nanometrology: accuracy of interferometric measurements”

Prof. Han Haitjema, Catholic University of Leuven

Lecture Abstract

A full uncertainty analysis of roughness measurements is a tedious task that in de the case of 2.5-D optical surface measurements can only be performed by omitting some large effects that are hardly predictable. One of these effects is the noise that normally gives a bias in surface parameters. Some methods will be presented that use the additional information from a noise measurement to correct for the bias and even reconstruct a bias-free surface topography. Lecture title: Nanometrology: accuracy of interferometric measurements Summary: It will be shown from the principles of interferometry how traceability and accurate measurements with uncertainties within the nanometer-range can be achieved in both displacement and surface interferometry.

Speaker Introduction

Prof. Haitjema studied physics in Utrecht and obtained his PhD in technical physics at TU Delft. He then specialized in dimensional metrology at respectively the VSL in Delft as a researcher (1989-1997), at TU Eindhoven in the precision engineering group of Prof. Schellekens as assistant professor (1998-2004), at Mitutoyo Research Center Europe as director (2004-2018), and he is now professor in “Dimensional and surface metrology of complex surfaces” at the KU Leuven.

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